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On 4/20, We're Making the Insane Foods People Thought of While High

Join us on Facebook Live tomorrow at 4PM EST to watch stoners' dreams come true.
Image by Gabby Bess and Kat Aileen

Name a more iconic duo than weed and food—I'll wait. Smoking a bowl before ripping into a bag of Spicy Nacho Doritos might be as close to heaven as we'll get.

And while enjoying a perfectly engineered bodega snack or a bountiful array of McDonald's that you'll definitely regret later, it's not uncommon for the stoned mind to wander and come up with its own culinary creations. Sometimes they're bad ("What if I mixed everything I had on hand together into a bowl?") But sometimes they're just so insane they just might work (this cake, but as pizza), if you weren't so stoned and lazy.

So to celebrate 4/20, Broadly is teaming up with Munchies, VICE's food website, and we're making some of the more plausible high foods that VICE employees conjured up when they were stoned. Join us at 4PM EST tomorrow on Facebook Live to see people have their dreams come true and eat stuff like "crackers with almond butter on it that somehow doesn't make your mouth dry," and this:

Image by Gerard Weber, who will eat at least a small fraction of this fucked up thing he thought of.