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Daily Horoscope: October 02, 2015

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October 2, 2015, 7:00am
Illustration by Nicole Ginelli


The Moon is in chatty Gemini today, so expect some interesting news. Nuisances in your schedule are to be expected early today, Aries, but don't be a crybaby about it. Make a point to take it slow: Mercury is retrograde.


The best way to use today's late morning stressful vibes is to have a serious talk with yourself about your spending habits. Mercury is retrograde, and you're feeling a little iffy about work stuff—but things will clear up soon.


The Moon is in your sign today! There's some tension this morning around home or family, and about exaggerating or overblowing a problem. Mercury is retrograde, so revisit happy memories with your fam or roommates to ease the drama.


Early today will be stressful around communication. Be super careful about what you say, because you could definitely shoot yourself in the foot. Talk about your feelings, not what you think the facts are. Mercury's retrograde: You don't have all the info yet.


Be very kind to yourself today, Leo. The Moon is in Air sign Gemini, and you might be overthinking things. Feelings around insufficiency may come up today, but that's okay: Facing the issue will help bring it to rest.


Sometimes success can be scary, Virgo; late this morning, you'll have some feelings come up around this issue that you'll need to address. Financial worries are on your mind as well, but don't jump to any conclusions yet—Mercury is still retrograde.


As the sign of justice, watching unfair shit go down around you is very upsetting. Unfortunately, you may witness something like this today; however, Mercury, the planet of logic is retrograde, so things may soon turn around.


Socializing early in the day may not be your best move—intense, sticky conversations may come up. You're all about intensity, Scorpio, but you're also all about not sharing all of your business.


Today is a high-pressure day, especially around your relationships. Watch out: You may overdo things today. Take it slow, especially since Mercury is retrograde. Your plans for the future will soon change.


Flexibility is key today. Things won't play our fairly, and people might go overboard. But such is life, right, Capricorn? Besides, you're so pessimistic—I'm sure you didn't wake up assuming today would be the best day of your life, so, whatevz!


Something you thought was just fun and games will turn out to be much, much more potent and wild late this morning. Normally, you keep things tame during work hours, but Mercury's retrograde, so I guess anything goes.


TGIF, am I right, Pisces? Probably not—you Pisces people usually keep strange schedules. Waiting for Friday is a concept that sounds horribly restrictive to you. Pressure is high today, so be the most responsible version of you.