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We Interviewed the Youths Who Tweet 'Fuck Me Daddy' at the Pope

The Pope has arrived in the United States for a historic visit. Arguably, no one is more excited than the countless teens who tweet "fuck me daddy" at him regularly.
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Pope Francis wants young people to know he's not like other Popes—he's a Cool Pope. To this end, he's relaxed the Catholic Church's opinion on abortions (now a forgivable sin for a limited time only!), met with President Obama, and he runs his own Twitter.

The pontiff, who started tweeting in 2014, tweets a few times per week in nine different languages. He usually says things like "Let us pray for those in poverty," or "To encounter Christ can completely change our life." His followers tend to say things like "Amen!" or "I love you!" Those who aren't praising the Pope mostly offer challenges to Catholic Church doctrine, questions about papal policy, or requests for prayer. But a small and vocal group has a different message entirely: They're saying, "Fuck me daddy."


If you check up on Pope Francis' mentions, every single tweet from his account has dozens of mentions from followers begging him to bang them, almost always referring to him as "daddy." There are hundreds of these tweets, and some of the more persistent accounts seem to have been set up with the express purpose of propositioning the highest ranking official in the Catholic Church.

The first-ever instance of someone tweeting "fuck me daddy" at the Pope seems to have been before Francis' time. Mere days after the @Pontifex account was created—in December of 2012, under the papacy of Pope Benedict XVI—trendsetter @CH3R_ tweeted: "@Pontifex fuck me hard daddy." Since Pope Francis began tweeting in March of 2014, the daddy tweets have intensified.

I got in touch with some of the people behind these accounts and discovered they were, overwhelmingly, under 20 years old. While the Pope's mentions on a given day often feature swearing and sexual references from standard issue trolls (see: bored, middle aged men), the "daddy" tweets seem to consistently come from boys and girls in their teens and early twenties.

"I do it mainly because it's funny but also as like a social commentary?" said Will, a self-identified "teen who tweets 'fuck me daddy' @ the pope." Lindsay, a 17 year-old who has a separate Twitter for "political commentary" in addition to her personal account, said she responds to the Pope with a request to be fucked "every time" he tweets. "I started around six months ago," she said. "The dedication comes from the same sort of hive mind that leads girls to tweet at One Direction all day. It's just for the fun of it."


A number of teens suggested that they did it for attention, either from the Pope himself, or from their peers. Indeed, many of the accounts who regularly tweet at Pope Francis also send daily vulgarities to other celebrities, and have follower counts in the low thousands.

"I tweet at famous people for their reaction. It doesn't have to be good or bad," said Jennifer, a 22 year-old Catholic who recently tweeted an acrostic poem at the Pope asking him to "Put me / Over your / Penis / Every night." "Little people from little towns all around the world can interact with the people we choose to put on pedestals. In a way Twitter puts a little platform below our feet too. If the Pope paid me any attention I would be THRILLED. Like there is the leader of my religion, connecting me through the web, what a world this is."

Most of the teens I spoke to suggested they were just trying to shock people, as though tweeting "fuck me with your holy cock" to the leader of the Catholic Church was the 2015 equivalent of carving an anarchy symbol into your desk. "Tweeting rude things to get a reaction is my hobby," said @MISSTHOT, a 14 year-old whose timeline currently features her calling UK band Little Mix "sluts" and asking Donald Trump to "fuck [her] like you would fuck your daughter if she wasn't your daughter." "I love seeing the shocked and disgusted replies in my notifications. I do it for fun really. A lot of religious people [are] praying for me."

More surprisingly, a significant minority told me they consider themselves religious and identify as Christian. Of these, most said they were kidding or vying for the Pope's attention, but several of them suggested they were serious about their requests. "If the Pope wanted to fuck me and he would cleanse my soul for it, 100 percent I am down to fuck him," said Jennifer. "There is literally no other human being I could fuck that would be as close to fucking God as the Pope."