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Hungover Man Finds Selfie on His Phone Showing Police Tucked Him Into Bed

Who can resist a quick selfie with a wasted person? Not the cops, apparently.
Foto vía Reddit usuario CtrldKilla

In the US, allegations of police brutality seem to be a permanent fixture in the news , and the discussion about the role of self-surveillance cameras in monitoring an endemic social problem is ongoing.

In Tasmania, things seem to be a bit different. There, a pair of police officers engaged in what you might call self-surveillance with a twist. Two constables recently took a smiling selfie after safely tucking an inebriated man into bed—and they used the wasted dude's own phone, presumably so he would know exactly what went down after he awoke with what was likely the mother of all hangovers.


It all started when Reece Park went out for a night of revelry in Launceston, Tasmania and things got a little out of control. Park managed to get into a taxi, but the taxi driver found it necessary to call for police assistance. Constables Natalie Siggins and Jeremy Blyth showed up at the scene.

As Senior Sergeant Craig Fox explained in a Facebook post, it is not standard practice in Tasmania for police to actually escort drunks into their bedrooms and make sure they are tucked in safe and sound, but in this case, that is exactly what happened. Fox stated, "On this occasion, police were contacted by a taxi company for assistance in getting the man home. When police arrived, they found out his address, took the man home, and waited for a friend to arrive to look after him."

They also tucked him cozily into his bed, so why not memorialize the good deed with a selfie?

Park discovered the photo on his phone when he awoke and promptly posted it on Facebook, with his snarky comment:

"So was just looking through my phone and turns out these good c**** took some banger selfies after they took my drunk ass home! Bloody legends."

The Tasmanian police evidently appreciated the shout-out and also shared the photo on Facebook, using it as a lesson to all. As Fox put it, "Police are always looking for a place of safety for anyone who is affected by alcohol."

And there's no place like one's own comfy bed. Just be sure to say cheese and goodnight to the nice officers.