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Exquisite Ghost's "The Heart" Makes Glitchy Electronic Jazz Feel Elemental

Get your senses massaged and rearranged by the Indigenous producer's discombobulated compositions.
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The idea behind glitching out music, of making it sound as though the drive it's being read off of has been damaged, is to draw attention to its artifice as well as the fragile nature of having an artform that exists mainly as data these days. Exquisite Ghost, a Winnipeg producer of the Peguis First Nation, manages to flip that theme on its head with his new two-part single "The Heart," recontextualizing seemingly random glitch as something literally natural, a possible extension of the planet's very will.


"Side A" utilizes clicking jazz percussion not as a rhythmic base but as another clashing texture in the track's general free-for-all. Certain elements rise up but they're not readily identifiable; is that a chopped-up voice or a warped synth that judders into being every so often? The second side is comparatively chiller, but uses a strange, dissonant sample bed. You can listen to both parts of Exquisite Ghost's "The Heart" below.