Amenra's Video for "A Solitary Reign" Is Eerie and Beautiful

The Belgian sludge metal band wanders through ancient ruins, sacrifices animals and gets surrounded by a pack of wolves.
Sander van Dalsum
Amsterdam, NL

This piece originally appeared on Noisey Netherlands.

The music of Amenra is as eerie as it is beautiful, and the video for A Solitary Reign is no exception. In this new clip you see the Belgian sludge metal band wandering through ancient ruins, sacrificing animals while getting surrounded by a pack of wolves. It sounds like the script of an old occult movie, and the cinematic shots that director Tine Guns brought to the table would be really serene if they weren’t so bleak.

Our Dutch Noisey colleagues spoke to frontman Colin H. van Eeckhout about their latest album, Mass VI. He said it took them a while to finish it. "When we got a phone call from our drummer about his mother passing away, we knew it was time to get together,” he explained. “A moment like that really hits you. All the things that don’t really matter dissolve and you start realizing what is most important.”

Mass VI is out now.

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