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Minnesota Vikings' Everson Griffen Wants You to Help Name His Newborn Baby

The defensive end asked the masses for input with a written message on his undershirt during the Vikings-Lions Thanksgiving Day game.
Screen grab via FOX

Minnesota Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen and his wife Tiffany welcomed a baby boy to the world on Thursday, mere hours before the new father was scheduled to take the field on national television against the Detroit Lions for the first of the NFL's three Thanksgiving Day games.

Griffen used his time in the spotlight wisely and took the opportunity to seek a little help from the audience in naming his baby.

After chasing down and sacking Lions QB Matt Stafford, the Vikings DE lifted up his jersey and pulled his undershirt down which had, "I just had a baby boy. What should we name him?" written across it.

The thought was there, though it may not be the best idea to request the assistance of hungry and shit-faced football fans in naming your offspring. Or, hell, maybe it is.

Between the birth of Griffen's son and the Vikings' 30-23 victory, the team's Thanksgiving got off to a good start. After staging a holiday feast in the first half, now they can go out and enjoy the real stuff.