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This Video of Mexican Goths Dancing to Techno Proves There's Still Goodness in the World

Just when you think you've seen them all...
Image via Twitter

This article originally appeared on THUMP Canada.

In September 2011, YouTube user gNarLu cEe uploaded a video of a group of cybergoth teenagers dancing under an overpass to industrial music; the clip quickly went viral, after people started making their own mashups with different songs.

Now, thanks to Mexico City rapper Speak, we have a new entry in the ongoing series. This Monday, he posted a highly amazing clip to his Twitter showing two young people practicing their best kicks and fist pumps while throbbing techno plays in the background. The story behind the video isn't clear, but what's not to love about dance music and side chains?

Watch it below, and read VICE UK's 2016 feature on why cybergoth refuses to die.