River Deep, Mountain High: Photos of Nudists Trekking in the Alps
All photos courtesy of Roshan Adhihetty


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River Deep, Mountain High: Photos of Nudists Trekking in the Alps

Roshan Adhihetty went on 30 mountain walks with a group of naked hikers.

This article originally appeared on VICE Switzerland

Roshan Adhihetty had never given much thought to why some people love getting naked in public, until he accidentally ended up on a nudist campsite while on holiday in Corsica. When he came home to Switzerland, he wanted to learn more about the lifestyle and got in touch with members from the local nudist scene. It took a few months, but after he had earned the trust of a nudist hiking club, he was allowed to accompany them with his camera on several unclothed treks through the Swiss, German and Austrian Alps.


He documented over 30 hikes – some with over 90 participants – and turned his collection of photographs into a book, Nacktwanderer (Naked hikers). Because many areas in Switzerland have banned nudist hiking – punishable by fines of at least 100 CHF (£76) – the majority of his photos were taken in Germany. In order to feel like less of a voyeur among the group of largely elderly men, Roshan stripped down too, and hiked along wearing nothing more than a pair of sturdy boots and a lot of sunscreen.

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