*Repeat Repeat Cannibalizes the 'Punk Rock Good Guy' in “Girlfriend”

RIP, sweet surf rock prince.
November 1, 2017, 2:15pm

Surf pop rock and cold murder via pillow suffocation are two classic genres. Nashville's *repeat repeat has fused the two in their latest music video for "Girlfriend" off their latest album Floral Canyon, available via Dangerbird Records. The band—comprised of Jared Corder (vocals) and Kristyn Corder (vocals and keys)—have woven together an unmistakable hit. Palm muted power chords and soothing harmonies make the perfect soundtrack to a love story about a boy meeting a girl, going on cute picnic, shopping, and then grotesque devouring of human flesh. Awesome! The video, directed by Jason Lee Denton and Schuyler Howie, is a tale for the ages. "I don't need your maybes, I just want your babies," the band sings.


Jared Corder wrote to Noisey, "I wrote 'Girlfriend' as the anthem for the punk rock good guy. I liked the idea of a really sweet love song with blaring fuzzed guitars and a well placed 'fuck' that required a radio edit. That unexpected element was what Kristyn and I wanted to capture in the music video. It starts as just a live performance video, then it becomes a cliche love story. Then it becomes something else entirely. The video, like the song, felt relatable and at the same time unassuming."

Watch *repeat repeat's "Girlfriend" above.

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