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Chill like Jordan Klassen Chills on his Latest “Dominika”

Trippy choral folk might not be the vibe we deserve, but it’s the vibe we need.

Entropy is unwinding any sanity left in this dead world, so thank goodness for Vancouver singer-songwriter Jordan Klassen and his latest release "Dominika." The choral-infused folk song harkens to Okkervil River or Sufjan Stevens. It's a taste from Klassen's forthcoming Big Intruder album. That joint is set for release on September 22 through Nevado Music, which this writer thinks is brilliant. I got a sneak peak, and oh boy. Truly, it might be one of the best new releases in the Canadian-guitar-n-stuff genre this year. "It's time to start the show," Jordan Klassen sings on "Dominika." It's a show we're more than ready for.


"'Dominika' was a bit of an experiment for me," Klassen wrote to Noisey. "I wanted to write something that has some interesting musical turns but makes them in a subtle and often unnoticeable way, like the classic singer-songwriters used to do. The narrative of the song is about watching friends suffer romantically at the hand of non--committal people." Listen to "Dominika" below:

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