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Darcy Baylis is Going to Digitally Disrupt You With His New Video

The Melbourne producer's latest has been described as a "broken mess of digital detritus."
Photo credit: Elliot Lauren

Earlier this year, Melbourne electronic producer, Darcy Baylis said he wanted to make the kind of "whiney music for teens that your parents would hate".

Well the video for "Emergency", pretty much nails that idea. The trippy and deliberately broken visuals, paired with just the right amount of soft electronic thump, really helps generate that angsty teen vision.

Director and frequent collaborator, Luke Neher, takes the idea behind the track being largely about hospitals, on a conceptual ride, creating, as he puts it, a "broken mess of digital detritus" as a way of echoing the original idea.

The track comes from Darcy's debut LP, Intimacy & Isolation, which he put together while travelling on a variety of Eastern European coaches. Ever been on a bus in Eastern Europe? You'll know this is no mean feat.

Darcy plays in Melbourne Aug 26 at The Gasometer .