Make Action Bronson's Greatest Hits

Make Action Bronson's Greatest Hits

We took a deep dive into our Action archives and found some Hall-of-Famer recipes from Mr. Wonderful that you can enjoy at home.
September 12, 2017, 7:00pm

Action Bronson doesn't just consume food; he consumes the culture and history of the places he visits and the dishes he eats. And when he gets back from his travels around the world, as documented in Fuck, That's Delicious, he applies what he's learned and, fortunately for us, shares the recipes.

In the spirit of gustatory education, we've compiled the best-of-the-best recipes from the wild mind and travels of Bronsolino himself.

RECIPE: Tuna Poke

Action might be known for his flair for the decadent, but when Mr. Wonderful made us a batch of tuna poke—the traditional Hawaiian dish of marinated fish—it was super balanced, meaty, and light, all at the same time, and as good as what he had at the island corner store that inspired it.

RECIPE: Szechuan and Honey-Glazed Ribs

If you can get your hands on some Sichuan peppercorns, prepare for your mouth to water with that tingy, warm, kind-of-high feeling that only they can offer. These ribs are also flavored with a quarter cup of honey to balance everything out with sweetness. And heck, in the true spirit of Fuck That's Delicious, you can even use weed-infused honey.

RECIPE: Chicken Parm

A true, uncontested classic of the Italian-American repertoire, chicken parm is a tradition that Action doesn't want to mess with too much, save for the addition of Calabrian chilies and panko breadcrumbs. Be generous with the garlic, which, we learn, is full of "ancient, far-East medicinal purposes," and don't be afraid of your broiler, because the end goal here is "situational crunching."

RECIPE: Cacio e Pepe Chicken Wings

We originally suggested this recipe for Super Bowl season, but really, when is it not a good time to transform the traditional cheesy, peppery pasta dish of cacio e pepe up with the American treasure that is spicy chicken wings? The freshly ground black pepper is more than enough heat to match the mass-produced Buffalo sauce that we're used to, and did we mention the eight tablespoons of butter?


Wieners, American cheese, and pickle spears wrapped in bacon. This is art. Drop mic.

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