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Watch Marilyn Manson Force A Fan to Remove an Avenged Sevenfold Shirt

Plus, listen to Marilyn and Rob Zombie cover The Beatles' "Helter Skelter"!
Milan Risky / Shutterstock

Here's some advice, dear reader, from me to you: Most of the time, it's not cool to wear a band's t-shirt to their own show. I know this because I, a nerd, have been roasted many times for this very act. However, there are always exceptions to rules, and here's a crucial one: If you're going to a Marilyn Manson show with the hope and/or intention of getting on stage with the God of Fuck himself, please, dear god, wear some of his merch. I'm giving you this advice because the other day in Madrid, a fan got a little taste of what happens when you get on stage with Marilyn Manson and you're not wearing a Marilyn Manson shirt.

At Download Festival Madrid, a handful of fans jumped onstage with Manson. One fan happened to be wearing an Avenged Sevenfold t-shirt, and, lo and behold, Manson literally told him to take it off. "You should take your shirt off," he told the very, very confused young man. "It's not my band. It's a different band." Well, duh. Was Manson confused? Did he think the fan wanted to go to an A7X show? I'm really not sure. Either way, this went on for a little while before the fan finally removed the shirt. It looked… traumatic. Watch footage below:

In other news, Manson and Rob Zombie have teamed up to cover The Beatles' "Helter Skelter". It basically sounds exactly how you'd expect it to sound. The pair have released the cover because they're touring together soon! Find details here, and listen to the track below: