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Scott Morrison Is Now Australia's 30th Prime Minister

He won 45 votes over Peter Dutton's 40.
Image via Wikimedia

The year's most annoying day in politics has come to an end with former treasurer Scott Morrison become Australia's 30th prime minister.

The political moderate and former ally of Malcolm Turnbull won with 45 votes, beating Peter Dutton's 40, after Julie Bishop was knocked out in the first round. The vote was the second leadership spill this week, and sees Australia score its sixth prime minister since the 2007 election.


Scott Morrison was born and raised in Sydney, the son of a policeman-turned-mayor. He was a child actor (he secured an agent after appearing in a handful of commercials—including, allegedly, this one for Vicks Vaporub below) before attending Sydney Boys High School, and studying ecenomics at UNSW.

His career was centred around the tourism industry, both in Australia and New Zealand, before he chased Liberal preselection for the Division of Cook in 2007. In 2008 he became part of Turnbull's front bench, before rising to prominence under Abbott as the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection. It was under his watch that Australia's current zero-tolerance approach to boat arrivals was first implemented.

In 2014 the Australian Human Rights Commission published a report detailing how Morrison had failed children held in offshore detention. Morrison has generally avoided revealing his position on climate change, although he's routinely backed the interests of the coal industry.

And now he's Prime Minister… for the moment.