This Artist Creates Specialty Dildos That Can Hold Human Remains

2 Chainz discovers the very expensive method wealthy widows can buy to honor their late loved ones.

From blasting human remains into space to posing the dead like they're still alive, some people have started to opt for nontraditional methods when it comes to honoring their late loved ones. And, as 2 Chainz discovers on the latest episode of MOST EXPENSIVEST, it doesn't get much more nontraditional than the speciality boxes one artist is making for grieving widows, complete with a dildo that can hold a bit of human remains.


For a cool $10,000, mourning partners can invest in a one-of-a-kind "memory box" created by designer Mark Sturkenboom, which can play music and holds the deceased's wedding ring, cologne, and a "golden capsule" that can hold up to 21 grams of human ashes. It also comes with a handkerchief, presumably for crying, but no judgement.

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