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How This Week's Intense Eclipse in Leo Will Break and Remake You

The supermoon eclipse in Leo will make you rethink everything—there's no turning back now.
January 18, 2019, 9:49pm

The lunar eclipse—which is also a supermoon!—in Leo arrives on Monday, January 21 at 12:16 AM EST.

It lands at zero degrees in this fire sign: The zodiac is made up of 12 signs, each containing 30 degrees (zero to 29)—and zero, existing in its non-existence, is quite an interesting degree. Zero is a philosophical number; the number of nothingness, so this eclipse means that we’re trimming down. We’re releasing our emotions and emptying ourselves of the things we’d assumed as part of our identities, but now no longer serve us. Zero is nothing and everything; the potential to expand our awareness of ourselves and our values is boundless during this Leo eclipse.


Eclipses are intensely emotional times that tend to be very exhausting, so make sure you carve out extra time to rest. Things are coming to the surface, which can feel especially overwhelming if you haven’t built a healthy way to process your emotions like talk therapy, journaling, or other mindful embodiment practices. During an eclipse, we see things in a new light, and there is no turning back. You can’t unsee what you see at this time!

It’s said that fated events occur during eclipses—that the course of your destiny is altered, especially if you’ve been on the wrong path. What does this eclipse have in store for you? Find your sign below to learn more:


Aquarius (January 19 - February 18)

This supermoon eclipse is major for your relationships, Aquarius. You may be a cool, brilliant, and intellectual air sign, but Leo is a hot, passionate, and intense fire sign—think big emotions, plenty of crying, and drama, drama, drama! Expect shocking information to come to light. Your standards in relationships have changed, but consider it a positive evolution. Eclipses are all about release and re-aligning yourself to ensure you’re on the right path. You’re finding it very difficult—but necessary—to let go of some relationships at this time; try to remind yourself that the universe is making space for newer, better ones.


Pisces (February 18 - March 20)

Monday’s supermoon eclipse in Leo brings a complete upheaval in your schedule—which could be for the best! If you listen to your inner voice, you’ll benefit greatly from breaking free of your same old routine. This change can feel emotionally rocky, but the eclipse presents an incredible opportunity to mold your everyday schedule into one that truly works for you. If you’ve been dating someone or have a crush (when don’t you have a crush, dear fish?), you’ll learn whether they’re really the one for you at this time. Will they offer their sweater when you’re cold? Will they run to the bodega to pick up tampons? Do you still get along when you’re hungover, cranky, and stuck in traffic? This eclipse will test whether your relationship is real or a fantasy—but you cannot allow yourself to get lost in this equation. You’ll bend over backwards for almost anyone, Pisces, but this eclipse is in Leo, a sign that’s all about ego. You need to get touch with your own needs—not your crush’s! It’s a good time to go to the doctor, quit a bad habit, and get some rest.


Aries (March 20 - April 19)

You usually do things hard and fast, Aries, but this eclipse in fellow fire sign Leo—contrary to what you may assume—requires you to be still, to go deep and get in touch with your most primal needs and emotions. Now is not the time to take outward-facing actions, but a time to go within and express yourself. Record your avant garde album, choreograph your interpretive dance, or get in touch with the full sensual vitality of your body with sex or masturbation. This eclipse is particularly exhausting, and you’re processing so many emotions that you may be in for a big crying session. Creativity and romance are also themes that come up for you right now: You’re considering what it takes for you to feel valued, and whether you’re able to simply be yourself and have fun—feelings that may have been missing in your life for a while.


Taurus (April 19 - May 20)

As an unapologetic lover of all things luxury and comfort, it’s crucial that your home be a safe space for you to relax—has it been one lately? With so much development taking place in your public life and career lately, attention is now being called to your private life, home, and family. You may be moving or renovating at this time—exciting! This eclipse is also stirring up conversations about the past, and you’ll be required to set firm boundaries. A chapter of your life is closing, and it may be very emotional for you, but for every door an eclipse closes, another is opened. Drama with your family, roommates, or landlords may be the final straw for you at this time. You once made a vision board of a home with crystal bathtubs and a freezer wide enough to house all your favorite ice cream—as emotionally trying this eclipse may be, trust that it’s bringing you one step closer to that dream. Honor your ancestors, love the family you have, and move forward together…but first, take a few days to sleep and rest up after this rough eclipse!


Gemini (May 20 - June 21)

As an extremely chatty air sign, you’re all about communication, Gemini! This eclipse will be difficult, scary, shocking, sometimes impossible, but eventually, totally clarifying. You will finally feel like you get it; something that’s been unclear now makes sense to you. This will likely throw you for a loop or make you cry, but guess what, Gemini? Crying can be good for you! It helps you release your emotions, and sometimes, crying for a few minutes works better than discussing and analyzing things for hours. Now than you know what you know—thanks, supermoon!—you’ll never be able to see life the same way again. This could mean that you change your field of study or stop running with certain social circles, and you might find yourself craving space and adventure. The question is: What are you looking for, Gemini? One journey has ended, but this gives way to a new one—and it’s up to you to decide.


Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Eclipses are emotionally exhausting for everyone, but as a moon-ruled sign, you’re especially sensitive at this time, dear Cancer. It’s very important that you give yourself the time and space to cry (maybe multiple times!) and rest up with plenty of comfort food and cuddles. As a sensitive and nostalgic water sign, hoarding memories and belongings can be an issue for you, but this eclipse acts as a massive garbage container pulling up to your home, urging you to dump everything you no longer need—like rusty kitchenware or last year’s crush! Truly, this eclipse has changed what feels deeply important to you, so letting go of some things will come naturally—even if it feels emotionally charged. You’re in the thick of things, Cancer; in the middle of the process of letting go. Money is a huge theme for you during this eclipse, too. Do you think that Leo, the sign of this eclipse and the sign of royalty, allows themselves to get underpaid for their work or mistreated after putting their time and energy into something? Hell no! You shouldn’t be, either. This eclipse will help you make the changes to get what you deserve.


Leo (July 22 - August 23)

For someone who loves to stare at and talk about themselves ad nauseam, you still have a lot to learn about yourself, dear lion! That’s not a read—just the truth! And the truth that emerges during this eclipse is that you may not recognize the person you see in the mirror—you may be feeling like you are undergoing a monumental change, and that you’ll need a long time to really get to know the new you. Perhaps it was the 10-year challenge, but you’re seeing images of your past and present self, and you’re ready for the future. This eclipse will bring a new, made-over you. Yes, your wardrobe is trimmed down and better organized thanks to Marie Kondo, but you’ve also let go of some aspects of your personality that don’t spark joy. Perhaps you’ve grown out of caring about a particular issue that used to really bother you, or maybe your worldview has changed so much that you need to reconsider your values. Expect all the changes you implement to impact your relationships, too. Secrets will be spilled during this eclipse—and the tea is all about you. This could be tough, but it’s an important part of the journey to a better you.


Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

As much as it might pain you, you’ll have to scrap your pros and cons list during this eclipse, Virgo, because this moment is all about your intuition. This supermoon eclipse is in Leo, a fire sign that does things out of instinct, unlike you, the notoriously practical and logical earth sign! Leo is also brave, fearless—qualities you’ll need to embody at this time. Deep emotions will swell to the surface, and you need to be completely present in your body to cry, growl, squirm, scream, dance, run—anything to release this powerful, primal energy coursing through you. This turbulence is not reasonless; you’re processing and releasing so much during this emotionally exhausting eclipse! Your dreams are going to be very active during this period, and some secrets concerning your everyday life will come to the surface. Things that were impossible to see before will now be crystal clear—and the center of your focus.


Libra (September 22 - October 23)

Libras are famous for getting along with everyone, and though you can overlook some red flags for the sake of a fun night out, this eclipse in Leo finds you letting go of friends, groups, and associations that don’t meet your standards. You’re roasted for being unable to make decisions, but you don’t have to worry about that right now, Libra, because this eclipse will make decisions for you. If you believe in destiny, you may find that fated changes concerning your social life will take place, and they’ll be out of your hands. A scandal may erupt, or perhaps you’ll learn a secret that will forever alter how you view a friend or group. As a cerebral air sign, you have a vision for your future, and for the future of the world—changes in your life that take place now don’t just concern you, but also concern everyone. While you can have fun with anyone, the truth is that you can’t—and shouldn’t have to—stand being in the presence of someone who is creating injustice or drama. Harness the power of the eclipse by letting these people fall away from your life.


Scorpio (October 23 - November 22)

As an intense water sign, Scorpios tend to have a contentious relationship with the spotlight. You are very private, little scorpion, but you crave validation for your hard work—we all do; it’s not a character flaw! You tend to get down on yourself for wanting things that every human wants. This supermoon eclipse is in Leo, a fire sign that’s said to have a huge ego. Having a healthy ego can obviously be beneficial, and one crucial example is that the ways your ego is affected by something help reveal where your values lie. You wouldn’t take something so personally if it weren’t personally important to you! So if you find yourself thinking, “I shouldn’t be upset about this; I should be stronger,” ask yourself, “Why is this making me upset?” Your contentious relationship with the spotlight stems from your fear of showing vulnerability—but it’s your vulnerability, integrity, as well as hard work and talent that will land you in the spotlight. This eclipse brings big changes to your career, and it’s sure to be an emotional time. Tell yourself the truth, and respond in kind.


Sagittarius (November 21 - December 21)

This supermoon eclipse is in fellow fire sign Leo, and while going through its turbulent energy may be rough, the changes set in motion for you will bring some amazing opportunities. If you’re living abroad or traveling, a life-changing discovery about yourself and the world may be made. If you’re in school, a decision that will alter the course of your studies may come. On a deeper, more emotional level, you’re realizing that you feel differently about some of the things you’d put your faith in. Remember that eclipses are a fated time of release and course correction. Communication issues run rampant at this time, and you’re very likely to hear some shocking news. The information brought forth by this eclipse will impact the course of your life’s journey—let it.


Capricorn (December 21 - January 19)

On the surface, you, a hardworking earth sign, and Leo, an ego-centric fire sign, appear to be completely different. However, you do have something in common: your high standards. Leo is the sign of royalty, and you’re the boss, Capricorn! This supermoon eclipse rocks your relationships, as you find your values changing and you realize that you me be giving much more than you are getting. The things that once worked for you don’t any longer. Your annoying friend who never bought you a coffee when they invited you to a business chat to “pick your brain” was fine in 2018, but this year, you’re done with that kind of bull. Taxes, debts, and inheritances are also major themes for you at this time, and you’re craving depth in your intimate relationships. During this eclipse, you’ll channel royal Leo as you decide who you want to honor at a feast—and who needs to be exiled from your empire.

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