The Most Popular ‘Bandersnatch’ Choices Show We're Not All Complete Monsters

Netflix dropped data on how viewers are watching the 'Black Mirror' choose-your-own-adventure movie.
January 18, 2019, 7:22pm
Still from 'Bandersnatch' via Netflix
via Netflix

Netflix made waves in late December with its interactive, choose-your-own-adventure movie Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. Set in 1984, it follows Stefan, a young programmer, who begins to question reality while adapting a fantasy novel into a video game. As Stefan navigates the "most important day of his life," viewers are prompted to make choices for him, many of them seemingly mundane, like which cereal he should eat for breakfast.


As viewers quickly found out, Bandersnatch splinters into so many diverging plot lines that even the creator of Black Mirror doesn't remember exactly how to access a secret post-credits scene containing a pretty bonkers Easter egg. Its seemingly infinite number of possible endings prompted many viewers to watch, and then rewatch, and then rewatch again in the futile hope that they might figure the whole thing out.

Now, Netflix is peppering its social media feeds with data on some of the most and least popular choices people made for Stefan, the film's protagonist. Regarding the cereal question—Frosties or Sugar Puffs—over 60 percent of viewers chose to feed him Frosties, according to the streaming service.

Netflix also revealed that British audiences were less likely to "throw tea" on a computer than other folks across the globe. People in the UK chose that option only 52.9 percent of the time, while the rest of the world did 55.9 percent of the time.

Viewers also apparently wanted to help Stefan secure the bag, because 73 percent of people told him to accept the job offer he got from the gaming company Tuckersoft.

Finally, it's nice to hear, at least, that out of the five main endings to Bandersnatch, the most morbid one—where Stefan gets on the train with his mom—was the least popular.

We hope Netflix will keep dropping bits of info as more data rolls in. The company sure seems to be having fun with it.

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