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H.E.R.'s Grammy Performance Is A Hell of a Debut

The elusive singer performed "Hard Place" for her debut at this year's Grammys.
Queens, US

In December, the Recording Academy revealed H.E.R was a five-time nominee for this year's show even though the singer hasn't released an official debut album. Hell, we haven't even seen what she looks like without her signature shades. What we do know the velvety vocals she sported on the compilation self-titled album and I Used to Know Her EPs. The RCA singer was nominated for Best New Artist, Best R&B Song, Album of the Year, and won Best R&B Performance and Best R&B Album. For her acceptance speech for Best R&B Album, she clarified that H.E.R. wasn't actually a full length project. "It wasn't even an album. It was an EP," she says.The mysterious singer performs "Hard Place," showcasing her talents on the guitar. Watch the performance below.


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