Stop and Smell The Roses: Rejjie Snow's 'Dear Annie: Part 1' Is Here

After years of teasing his debut album, the rapper has released a bunch of new songs—one of which features Aminé, Dana Williams, and Kaytranada.
January 17, 2018, 11:54am

You smell that? Nah? Then go take a big huff of the air outside. If you're living in the UK (and maybe somewhere else too?!) the odor you're detecting is the beginning of the transition from winter to spring. Yes, it's January; and yeah, it's still painfully cold. But have you seen the sun? The blue sky? This is where it all starts baby. Today marks the beginning of the Summer 2k18 dream.

Perhaps it's serendipity or astrology or maybe (probably?!) just general coincidence that Rejjie Snow also chose today to release a select few cuts from his upcoming debut album. Whatever the case, the main thing you need to know is that they sound like outside feels—the seasonal transition turned into one smooth sound. Lead track "Egyptian Luvr" is a breezy clearing-of-the-clouds type of track, that first taste of fresh air in the morning, the opening of curtains to light. It also features production from Kaytranada, a guest verse from Aminé and a lush hook from Dana Williams. Listen to that shit below.

Speaking to The Fader, Rejjie said of the song "It's about your last moments. Tomorrow isn’t promised and we learn this the hard way. In this song, I was in my last moments [of a relationship], telling my girl how much I love her, and thank you for this journey we rode. My album has lots of different feelings: I wanted it to feel like you’re slowing dying and losing your mind throughout."

Catch the rest of Dear Annie: Vol 1, a taster of songs from Rejjie's debut album, on Spotify. Listen below:

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