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Maggie Chiang’s Dreamy Paintings Explore a Miniature Watercolor World

The LA artist navigates the beauty of her surroundings with intentional forms and calming washes of color.
All images courtesy the artist

Streaked stone designs seem brushed by the current, leaving an elegant pattern of markings across miniaturized peaks. Maggie Chiang, an LA artist originally from Taiwan, creates delicate folkloric paintings and illustrations, often overlaid with nature motifs in earthy twilight-toned palettes.

Chiang tells Creators, "My process can vary from piece to piece. Some pieces are more intuitive, and tend to be my more experimental pieces. Other pieces I'll have an idea in my mind, sketch it out, then see if I want to finalize the idea. I like to loosely [and] lightly sketch out my ideas with graphite, and then my medium of choice is watercolor. Right now I am also experimenting/playing around with acrylic gouache."


Chiang's dreamy paintings are well-established in their style, but originally, the artist felt unsure about her path in the arts. She says, "Ever since I was a kid, I always loved drawing. I don't think I was ever that good at drawing and painting, throughout my childhood. I remember a classmate during middle school even told me once that a specific piece I made in class was terrible. But fortunately enough I was very young and naive and kept persisting on being an artist. I later applied to Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and got in."

See a selection of Maggie Chiang's paintings, a few in animated form, right here:

To see more from Maggie Chiang, visit her Behance page, here.


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