"All the Colors" Dance in This Mesmerizing Macro Fluid Video
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"All the Colors" Dance in This Mesmerizing Macro Fluid Video

Thomas Blanchard and Oilhack use the whole damn spectrum to create a universe of paint, oil, and soap.

A universe of paint and oil forms before your eyes in GALAXY GATES and EMERALD, two new experimental shorts from French filmmakers Thomas Blanchard and Oilhack. Tiny, planet-like orbs surge as if orbiting a supermassive black hole, while blue, black, purple, yellow, pink, and starlight gold pigment swirl behind them like solar wind.

Blanchard and Oilhack call their new union We Are Colorful. Together they explore a new technique developed while traveling in Japan. "The technique, which we call 'opening,' is an explosion caused by the oil we pour in abundance on the paint," Blanchard tells Creators. "The paint and oil create a blister that will explode. It is at this point that it is interesting to film."


Blanchard says the chromatic galaxy contains, "all the colors of paint brand Amsterdam Royal Talens." The two spent every night mixing the fluids with liquid soap in front of the camera for four months. Only 2% of their footage made it into the final cut. Check out the films below.