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Your Gift Guide for Leo, the Royal Party Animal of the Zodiac

It's Leo season, so we've created a list of the best gifts to bestow upon the kings and queens of fun!
July 16, 2019, 1:00pm
Leo with birthday cupcakes
Collage by Darcie Wilder

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As the sign of royalty, Leo enjoys being spoiled all year, but birthdays are special!

All signs are ruled by a planet, and all birthdays occur when the sun returns to its position at the time of our birth, which is why astrologers call it a solar return. Since Leo is ruled by the sun, their birthdays have them feeling extra revitalized and ready to party!


When it comes to shopping for Leos, the truth is that they're not as materialistic as they seem, despite the gold accents they like to put on everything. They’re all about the experiences and memories created with loved ones. An ideal birthday gift would be a trip with their besties.

Rent a place together for a fun weekend getaway, complete with a professional photo shoot or night out:

girls night out

Or camp out, but in glamorous Leo style:

Yurt for glamping

Yurts made for glamping on Airbnb

Leos love to party! Get them a disco ball or a bottle of something bubbly for their next soirée.

Disco ball
Bottle of Veuve Clicquot

We all know Leos love drama, but not just in their social life. They're also all about theatre and film! Give them a nudge toward their passion with some online acting classes, or go out to a show together.

Skillshare classes

Take acting classes online from experts

Your Leo friend loves being in the spotlight. Celebrate them with a night out at your favorite karaoke spot, or create your own at home:

Bluetooth karaoke mic

Gold bluetooth karaoke mic

After a long night of karaoke, they’ll love having some glittering boxes to open, too. You can give them this to unwrap on the cab ride home:

Leo gift box

Happy Birthday Leo Box from House of Intuition

Leo often finds themself in positions of power, but ego issues can make things tricky! Here is a classic on power dynamics:

48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

Alternatively, get them this beach read by a Leo about growing up in the spotlight:

Where am I Now? by Mara Wilson

Where Am I Now?: True Stories of Girlhood and Accidental Fame by Mara Wilson

Leo is a fire sign that's warm, creative, and passionate. There are four elements in astrology: fire, earth, air, and water. Arguably, fire is the element we modern people have the least connection with—we shower each day, breathe air, and walk the earth, but a roaring fire is rare to come by. Help your Leo bring more (safe!) fire into their world with these candles, including a luxurious splurge:

Fire scent element candle
Leo zodiac candle

House of Intuition Leo zodiac candle

Leo is ruled by the sun, so anything sun-themed is a wonderful choice to help them tap into solar energy, like this sunflower growing kit or other sun-centric presents:

Sun signet ring

Radiant Sun Signet Ring

Sun necklace
Deco sun headboard
The Sun tarot graphic wall art

The Sun tarot graphic wall art

Leos love sunny colors, so this tote in "sun yellow" is a perfect fit:

Yellow tote

Your Leo friend might enjoy something in their color to wear while singing along to "Old Town Road" with everyone else this summer:

Rodeo hat in orange

Felt rodeo hat

Protection during sun exposure and recovery afterward is important, too. Sunglasses tap into their love of glamour at any budget:

For trendy Leos:

Le Specs x Adam Selman The Last Sunglasses

For larger-than-life Leos:

GANNI Double Layered Sunglasses

GANNI Double Layered Sunglasses

For understated, but still Leo Leos:

Le Specs Escapade Sunglasses

Le Specs Escapade Sunglasses

For Leos who play it cool:

Chimi 004 Sunglasses

Chimi 004 Sunglasses

Because regal Leo skin should be treated with care:

After Sun mist

After Sun Soothing Aloe Mist

This hair oil adds a protective barrier against heat, saltwater, and chlorine so your Leo friend can protect their beautiful mane:

Walk in the sun hair oil

In true royal form, gold is Leo's metal. For when your Leo friend is really feeling themself, get this gold massage ring:

massage ring

One Finger Massage Ring

Or let them apply gold directly to their skin with this versatile gold glitter gel:

gold glitter gel

Or help them set the vibe with this gold-toned mixtape from Kehlani:

Kehlani - While We Wait Limited LP

Citrine, joyous and luminous, just like Leo, is their stone:

Citrine ring

Citrine Step Up Ring

Leo bracelet

Leo Alchemy Bracelet

Each zodiac sign rules a body part, and Leo’s is the heart. The heart is considered the house of passion, love, loyalty, and strength in our bodies—all themes that are symbolic of Leo!

plush heart

Plush heart

Leos have been called self-centered so it's no surprise that their ruling planet, the sun, is the center of the solar system! Feed their vanity with gifts like this portable vanity mirror or a more substantial one that doubles as a ring light for selfies:

portable vanity mirror

RIKI Cutie Portable Lighted Mirror

vanity mirror

For your Leo friend who is an expert-level selfie taker, this gold selfie ring light has four lighting settings:

selfie ring light

Because Leos take great pride in their hair, whether it’s on their head or on their face, grooming gifts are also a fantastic idea:

gold razor

Gold razor by Mühle of Germany

beard tonic

Beard Tonic Sampler

gold flower comb
gold hair tie

The greatest gifts you can give your Leo are your loyalty, your genuine interest in their creative efforts, and your time. They just want to have fun with you, so show up!

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