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Monthly Horoscope: Cancer, June 2019

​Welcome to Gemini season, Cancer! ​
May 31, 2019, 1:46pm

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The sun is illuminating a very private sector of your chart, finding you exploring hidden secrets, dear Cancer. You’re also catching up on rest, and your already strong intuition gets a boost as the sun moves through Gemini, a cerebral air sign fueled by curiosity. Astrologers say you're moody, dear crab—and it's true. Like your ruling planet, the moon, you're constantly in flux, swinging from sweet to wacky to grumpy to isolationist. Right now, you're craving time alone with your thoughts and only letting people in who you trust deeply.

June 2 is a particularly powerful time for connection as Venus in Taurus connects with power planet Pluto in Capricorn, creating a dynamic energy in situations concerning intimacy. It's a phenomenal time to strengthen bonds. What do you crave in life, dear Cancer, especially in your partnerships and social circles? What do you want for the future? Now is the time to ask for it—mountains can be moved for your wishes at this time. The new moon in Gemini on June 3 is a magical moment for you, little crab, and a powerful time to focus on dream work and exploring your shadow. Gemini is a chatty, busy sign, but your focus is called to your inner work and connecting with your inner voice at this moment. Again, be sure you're catching up on rest, too!


Mercury enters your sign, Cancer, on June 4, helping you align your heart and head. When Mercury is in your sign, it boosts your mental acuity and finds you reconnecting with yourself and considering the ways you want to communicate and interact with the world. Mercury connects with brilliant Uranus in Taurus on June 7, bringing exciting social connections your way—expect to meet eccentric people! Surprising news is sure to arrive, and this is also a powerful time for innovation. Venus enters Gemini on June 8, and you're feeling more shy than usual, valuing your closest friendships most. Right now, your time is best spent with people who can keep your secrets and be there for you emotionally. A secret affair is possible, or you and a partner become closer by discovering and exploring hidden parts of each other.

The sun in Gemini squares off with Neptune in Pisces on June 9, bringing some communication frustrations, so keep things light and don't overbook yourself—especially as the sun opposes Jupiter in Sagittarius on June 10, which finds you piling way more on your plate than you can handle. Exciting news arrives at this time, but you're not ready to make set plans yet; take all the information in first. Fiery Mars is currently in your sign, boosting your energy, but it connects with Neptune and opposes Saturn in Capricorn on June 14, asking you to take a gentle and patient approach to things. This is also a crucial time for setting boundaries in your relationships and examining responsibility and maturity between yourself and your partners. Knowing how to love is an obvious key to a happy partnership, but it's also important to know how to fight, which is to say fairly. Disagreements happen, but can you both remain respectful?


Mercury connects with Neptune and opposes Saturn and Jupiter squares off with Neptune, all on June 16, and the energy is complicated. On one hand, this is a marvelous time for empathetic communication, and inspiring when it comes to travel and higher learning. On the other, you're facing limits in communication or bumping up against authority figures. This is one of the dreamiest, most whimsical times of the entire year for you, but a lack of structure and planning could prove stressful. You're in a hugely imaginative zone and you don't feel like reading the instructions before you build your rocket ship to the stars—but you really must if you want things to work out!

There's a full moon in Sagittarius on June 17, brightly illuminating the sector of your chart that rules your habits, daily routines and rituals, and your day job. A culmination concerning these themes is reached—perhaps you've hit a boiling point in an issue at work, or maybe a project you've been focused on is finally complete. This is also a good time to kick bad habits and think about letting go of some items on your to-do list. Creating a better balance between work and rest is crucial at this time and it's a wonderful way to work the magic of this full moon.

Saturn connects with Neptune and Mercury meets Mars on June 18, encouraging a creative and supportive atmosphere. You're saying something important that needs to be said at this time, and setting the tone for you how you'll take action in the months to come. Thoughtful and empathetic conversations about commitments and boundaries are taking place. Things get intense as Mercury and Mars oppose Pluto on June 19—this is a crucial day for your relationships, Cancer. It's a "make or break" kind of time. Ultimatums are flying, but is that really the best way to go about things? Watch out for control issues, jealousy, and possessive behavior. Mercury enters its pre-retrograde shadow period in your sign, Cancer, on July 7! This means that many of the conversations and ideas you have now will be reworked during the messenger planet's retrograde, which lasts from July 7 through July 31.

Happy solar return, cutie crustacean! Neptune retrograde finds you pausing to reflect on your beliefs. Your imagination is especially ramped up. Venus opposes Jupiter on June 23 and squares off with Neptune on June 24, whipping up a whirlwind of emotional energy—staying grounded may feel difficult! Romance is in the air, but so is a tinge of nostalgia. Sometimes things are so good it almost hurts, and sometimes things are so hard you can only laugh. There are so many emotions, desires, and wants in the air, and fulfilling them may feel impossible even though you're tapping into a huge well of possibility right now. Stay grounded and count your blessings.

Communication planet Mercury enters Leo on June 26, bringing you plenty of news and conversations about cash, security, and self-worth. The month wraps up with the sun connecting with Uranus on June 27, bringing your surprises and finding you making unexpected social connections—fun! Good luck this month, Cancer, and see you in July!