take action against climate change, earn billie eilish tickets

A win win situation!
Billie Eilish

Obviously when Billie Eilish announced a 2020 world tour back in September, we were beside ourselves with excitement. So, inevitably, was everyone else in the world who’d been playing “bad guy” on repeat since its release. We anticipated that the rush to get tickets to see Billie’s theatrical live performance would be particularly manic. Like, three laptops open, incognito on, Glasto tickets levels of madness.


Luckily though, our newly-mulleted emo queen is here to help us out. The star is offering some lucky fans the chance to score tickets for her sold out WHERE DO WE GO? world tour, in exchange for taking action on climate change and trying to make the world a better place. Greta would be proud.

She’s teamed up with Global Citizen on a campaign which sees sign ups to the organisation automatically being entered into a raffle to earn (not win) tickets to her live show. In the video posted to Twitter, Billie says, “I don’t want to see you having to buy tickets from scalpers”, before directing her fans to sign up with a personalised Global Citizen webpage, educating people on plastic pollution, global warming and other pressing environmental issues.

Billie hasn’t made a secret of her dedication to climate issues in the past. A dedicated vegan — catch her eating specially made cauli wings on Hot Ones, trust us, it’s worth a view — she’s spoken out about ecological collapse and what we can do to be more proactive on countless occasions. Back in September she teamed up with Woody Harrelson for a call out video on climate action, and she’s also helping to make her world tour as green as possible, banning straws and urging fans to bring their own refillable water bottles to each gig. Just another reason to stan Billie.

Check out the link here and try your hand at earning some free tickets. It’s what Billie (and Greta!) would want.

This article originally appeared on VICE UK.