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Fucked Up's Damian Abraham Talks Finding Happiness in 'The Therapist'

"Do you garden?" "No, I wanna start growing cannabis, though."

Fucked Up frontman (and Vice host) Damian Abraham has long been public about his struggles with anxiety and depression. In an extended scene from a new episode of VICELAND's The Therapist, the punk rocker lets Dr. Singh guide him to where he can find joy, from his children to his podcasts to, yes, weed. "Playing live… how can you not feel spirited after that?" says Abraham after being asked how he can better fulfill the spiritual side of his life.


He also admits that he's a "6" out of 10 on with regards to his happiness, and lays out what a 10 would look like:

[It's] awareness of different situations that I'm in, never losing sight of the joy in some of these situations. It's easy to forget to…allow myself to feel joy in these situations.

Of course, Damian jokes about how he'd love to grow a cannabis garden someday, "because it would save [him] a lot of money." Watch the full scene above.

The Therapist airs Tuesday nights at 1030 PM EST on VICELAND.