Go On a Taco Cleanse with These 7 Perfect Taco Recipes

Summer's long over. It's time to start working on your winter body.
October 10, 2017, 7:00pm

No protein or vegetable is too sophisticated or too humble for a corn tortilla. Tacos have the magical ability to be light and refreshing in warm weather, yet warm and comforting in cold weather, which is why one should not be dissuaded by seasonal changes.

Taco Tuesday is great and all, but it doesn't have to just be once a week. That's why we've pulled out some of our greatest taco hits; to remind you that there is no wrong time or day of the week to eat a taco.

RECIPE: Grilled Fish Tacos

Josh Gil of Tacos Punta Cabras in Santa Monica shared his recipe for the ultimate grilled fish taco. It's loaded with tomatillo salsa, pickled onions, and a copious amounts of avocado. It's a perfect thing to eat outside, no matter how cold it is.

RECIPE: Mission-Style Tacos

Turn your kitchen into a taco joint with the help of pro skater and Bad Shit frontman Tony Trujillo's super authentic carne asada marinade. It's big and meaty, but topped with crisp, raw garnishes that will leave you feeling satisfied but energized enough to start skateboarding or your own punk band.

RECIPE: Lamb Pita Taco

Raph Rashid is owner of Melbourne's Taco Truck, Beatbox Kitchen, Juanita Peaches, and All Day Donuts, and when he showed us how to make these lamb rib tacos, he was emphatic about using rib meat. That's because it's so deliciously fatty that you can cook your vegetables in the rendered bright orange lipids, which makes for a pretty awesome topping for your tacos.

RECIPE: Lucky Lengua Beef Tongue Tacos

Don't be afraid to ask your butcher for a little tongue the next time you're in your neighbourhood meat shop. It's a cheap and versatile cut that holds up beautifully to this acidic, tenderizing marinade.

RECIPE: Fish Al Pastor Tacos

Fish tacos are awesome. Al pastor tacos are awesome. So, what about fish al pastor tacos? Yes, that's right, awesome. You may be thinking that it's too much of a good thing, or two worlds which should never collide, but these are from Gabriela Cámara, chef and owner of the legendary Contramar in Mexico City, and she knows how to do pescado al pastor right.