How to Hotbox a Tandoor

This deleted scene from 'Bong Appetit' proves that it's harder than it looks.
September 28, 2017, 7:03pm

Pawan Mahendro is executive chef and papa bear at LA Indian gastropub Badmaash, where he has taken it upon himself to remind sons Nakul and Arjun that they do "everything wrong" and "how to do it right."

In this deleted scene from Bong Appétit, Pawan shows host Abdullah Saeed how to light a tandoor oven with a big ol' nug of weed as tinder. Nakul describes this herbal riff on the traditional tandoor as "hot box barbecue meets char-grill" and a subtle way of getting notes of THC in tandoori chicken and naan. But for all of his professed wisdom, Pawan manages to light his son on fire in the process. Way to go, dad!

Back in the Bong Appétit kitchen, Vanessa Lavorato helps Nakul and Arjun make a vibrant green chutney with blitzed mint, cilantro, and, of course, vibrant green weed leaves. It's the perfect garnish for a weed-marinated tandoori chicken, with "green on the front and heat in the back."

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