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Why Wetherspoon's Is Banning Dogs from All Its Pubs

Photo via Flickr user Phil Gayton.

First, Wetherspoons came for the EU. “It’s fine!” you cried, absentmindedly chucking their pro-Brexit beer coasters onto another table. “It’ll never happen.” Then they came for Champagne, and you thought it would be OK, seeing as you’re not a millionaire madwoman who gets on the sesh with bottles of premium bubbly. Finally, they came for the doggos, the precious, precious doggos … and it was too late.


In a move that surely can’t please anyone, pub chain JD Wetherspoon this week announced it will be banning dogs from all its locations. According to Sky News, a “no-dogs” policy will be strictly enforced as of Monday, and exclude only assistance dogs.

The company cites the fact that dogs can be “unpredictable” as the reason for the ban. In a press release, a spokesperson for the company said that "even well-behaved dogs can be unpredictable," adding that "younger children, in particular, can be unpredictable around dogs and many are scared of dogs.”

Many customers have expressed their unhappiness at the decision. “Dogs are not the only ones in Wetherspoons that people are often afraid of and behave unpredictably tbh tho,” one Twitter user pointed out.

However, some believe the no-dogs policy at Spoons could benefit independent pubs, especially when the industry is struggling. “At a time when pubs are closing down hand over fist, I’m surprised they feel they can afford to lose custom in that manner,” said one Tweet.

Well, we think it’s a-paw-ling, frankly.