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This Company Will Pay You $50 an Hour to Smoke Weed

Time to move to Canada!
AHLOT will pay you to get high. Photo via Facebook 

It seems everyone and their dog is jumping headfirst into the cannabis industry, now that Canada is about to legalize it. But what if your primary expertise simply comes from the fact that you’ve smoked a lot of weed? Turns out that is a marketable skill set.

Toronto company AHLOT is hiring “expert-level connoisseurs” to join its Cannabis Curation Committee—a group of people who will sample weed from various licensed producers across the country. The findings will be used by the company to create a sample pack of weed as part of a Cannabis Collections series.


AHLOT'S Facebook ad asks "Do you dance with the devil's lettuce?" and shows a photo of a head of lettuce wearing devil horns, which, to be honest, doesn't really up their cred. But they clearly and repeatedly state "it's a real job" on their website.

To qualify, AHLOT says you need “a self-avowed interest in cannabis together with the ability to distinguish the often nuanced characteristics of different strains.” You’ll have to report on the “visual, factory and tactile examination of samples,” via an online form, and potentially do social media posts and attend live events.

The pay is $50 an hour for a maximum of 12 hours a month. That’s potentially $600 a month to get blazed, plus your expenses are covered.

There’s also a fun little survey to fill out with your application, including questions about the “ideal temperature to vaporize and evaluate terpenoid profile.” So it’s probably not worth applying if you don’t know anything beyond indica versus sativa.

“If you're a hidden talent with some spare time to document what you already love to do, we're excited to hear from you,” AHLOT’s website says. The deadline to apply is Oct. 17. If nothing else, do it to prove your mom was wrong when she said you would never amount to anything.

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