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Live Streaming the Ukrainian Revolt

Live coverage of the revolt in the Ukraine with reporter Tim Pool.

For weeks hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have taken to the streets to protest president Viktor Yanukovych's refusal to sign a deal that would have brought the country closer to full EU membership. Demonstrations became violent two weekends ago when security forces cracked down on anti-government protesters who had taken control of entire sections of the city, including Independence Square, the heart of the country's 2004 Orange Revolution, as well as the main City Hall building. VICE News' Tim Pool is on the ground in Kiev livestreaming the increasingly violent revolt.


If the livestream is temporarily offline, it's because our team are making their way to a new position in Kiev. Chances are we will be live again soon. Please check back shortly.

Photos from December 10, 2013 by Phil Caller who is in Kiev with Tim.