A Canadian Watched ‘LOTR: Return of the King’ 361 Times on Netflix This Year

Who are you?
Screenshot via 'Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King'

We already know that Canadians are super into binge-watching on Netflix, but no one can quite compare to the very special unknown Canadian who managed to watch the third Lord of the Rings movie a ridiculous number of times this year.

Netflix’s year-end data shows that one of its Canadian members watched The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King—which runs three hours, 21 minutes—361 times this year.

Now I have some questions.

Is this person just someone who lives their life with movies constantly playing in the background? Do they put on Return of the King to entertain their dog when they’re not home? How many times did they watch Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers? Is this an elaborate troll just trying to see if they can get on Netflix’s year-end data?

Here are some of the Netflix offerings Canadians devoured most this year. However, none of this can quite compare to the stamina exhibited in aforementioned Canadian Netflix member.

Whoever you are and whatever your true intentions are, dear LOTR fan, please reveal yourself—I’d love to talk to you about whether that Oliphaunt scene was necessary.