Man Jumps on Small Child to Avoid Foul Ball


This story is over 5 years old.


Man Jumps on Small Child to Avoid Foul Ball

A tradition unlike any other: humans dealing with batted balls at baseball games.

We're getting close to a very good time of year, the time when humans jump onto other humans either to get a batted ball, or to avoid one. Or attempt to negotiate carrying their own small child and a beer while catching a batted ball. Or adults stealing balls from children. Baseball season; you can almost taste it.

This comes from a Yankees-Phillies game at Steinbrenner Field and rather than use his hands to try and catch the ball, this guy decides to just jump into the seats behind him to avoid being hit. In the process he landed on a small child and his father, also trying to avoid getting hit. They'll all figure it out soon, it's Spring Training for the fans, too.