Rob Gronkowski Plays Dodgeball On Ice


This story is over 5 years old.


Rob Gronkowski Plays Dodgeball On Ice

Rob Gronkowski takes to the ice to show off his spiking skills, or lack thereof. He did this during a minor league hockey game in Florida.

While most of the 2015 Super Bowl champions are probably off relaxing (getting shit faced) on a beach or yacht or doing whatever wealthy, successful athletes do, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is playing dodgeball on ice at a Florida Everblades hockey game. Gronk is in Florida, so yeah, that's definitely a vacation destination, but anyone who knows anything about Florida doesn't consider attending a minor league hockey game as a tourist must-do, especially in Estero, which I am confident is not even on the top 20 list of party capitals in the Sunshine State.

In context, this would seem completely out of character for party boy, beer shotgunning Gronk, but then you watch him slide on the ice spiking balls at the faces of innocent civilians and it all starts to make sense. What is out of character, however, is that Gronk can't catch shit and appears to have an awful throwing arm.

Stay tuned for more ridiculous shenanigans Gronk will get into this off season.