The New York Yankees are Bad at Acting


This story is over 5 years old.


The New York Yankees are Bad at Acting

Members of the Yankees recreate a classic scene from The Sandlot and it's something.

The New York Yankees are a baseball team filled with baseball players that are really good at playing baseball and get paid lots and lots of money to play this sport called baseball. The New York Yankees are not actors. Why the New York Yankees think they are actors, I do not know. Nonetheless, they are having some fun during spring training pretending to be actors by recreating a scene from a childhood classic, The Sandlot. Is it funny? Yes. Uncomfortable to watch? Slightly. Does Brett Gardner look better wearing a hat? Absolutely. Do any of the Bronx Bombers have a future on the big screen? Probably not, but the effort and aspirations to be more than just an athlete are highly appreciated. Never give up on the dream, boys.