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Desus and Mero Talk About the 'Choking Game' with Jerrod Carmichael

'Desus & Mero' kicked off Weed Week with the star of NBC's 'The Carmichael Show.'

Jerrod Carmichael may be in touch with his youthful side, but that doesn't mean the actor, comedian, and creator of The Carmichael Show knows everything kids are up to today.

"I want to hire a 16-year-old to just call me once a week and just tell me what the kids are talking about," the actor told Desus and Mero. "I want to know what they're talking about and how they're saying it."

That sparked up a conversation about the hottest teen trends, which according to Desus, includes the so-called choking game, a dangerous way to get high from, as Jerrod put it, "light asphyxiation." Along with talking about the teens, the three reminisced about being broke, read each other's auras, and pitched their own Titanic spinoffs.

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