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Space Meow Doll's Volatile New Song Is Not Your Conventional Breakup Anthem

"San San" was meant as a goodbye to both friends and lovers.
Photo courtesy of the artist

Brooklyn-based musician Dooll Chao, a.k.a. Space Meow Doll, today shared the deceptively sweet lead single off their upcoming debut LP Long Vacation in BK. While "San San" is written in a familiar romantic synth-pop song format, the lyrics deal with unconventional imagery, including a sex act involving a "big brain hole." Meanwhile, the song's dynamics vacillate between serene and as-loud-as-possible, heightening the sense of spastic tension.


Chao told THUMP about the song's production process over email. "'San San' is the first song I wrote when I moved to Brooklyn from Taiwan a few years ago," they said. "I was really in love with someone in Taiwan at the time and the decision to move was difficult. I spent all day recording it completely alone. I wanted to make a simple love song that would be cute and fun to sing but still weird, I guess that's why I wrote lyrics like 'fuck my big brain hole.' It's also a goodbye to all my far east friends in the Asian pop style they're into there."

Brooklyn imprint Firm Tracks will release San San (remixes) on April 21, and Already Dead Tapes will release Chao's debut album the same day.

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