Touring de France with Manual for Speed


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Touring de France with Manual for Speed

Our friends at Manual for Speed are covering the Tour de France. They've shared some photos from the first three stages -- on and off the road.

_Editor's Note: Manual for Speed is a _collective devoted to exploring the spectacle of cycling. VICE Sports will be publishing periodic updates as they photograph the Tour de France. For daily coverage, check out their website.__

Manual for Speed has spent five years investigating professional road cycling, not just the dudes standing on a podium, but the rabid fans, the casual observers, the behind the scenes fixers, the apocalyptic race announcers, from the pre-party to the post triumph and everything in between, the whole thing, the ever evolving churning spectacle. And this year for the first time we are heading to the Tour de France, the greatest spectacle of them all.


We have partnered with VICE Sports to give you periodic summaries of the race's most outstanding moments, and we invite you to come along with us as we take photos, write words, cajole #chilleurs, pound pastries, blast backroads, moto motorcycles, and endure medieval "weefie." We promise to snub our noses when nose are snubbed; as we dine, wine, and bonjour! with the best of the them.

Google search returns About 5,570,000 results (0.41 seconds) for the term "tribal tattoo."

Dutch police had planned on delaying the Tour de France by carrying out traffic checks on the advertising caravan as a protest for better pay. Apparently all that was solved. This policeman eats a popsicle.

We're no meteorologists, but temperatures were approaching four digits in the shade.

Daniel Wakefield Pasley is 1/2 of Manual for Speed. Greg Lemond (background) is not part of Manual for Speed.

This is Nathan Haas. This is not a particularly important moment, nor is he doing anything particularly interesting. But we really like Nathan, so here is a photo of Nathan.

According to's article from August 2014, the smartphone has defeated the point-and-shoot digital camera.

A big crash in Stage 3 left some people bloodied and was apparently a big enough deal that it ended up on the NBC Nightly News. Daniel Oss, pictured here, likes rock music.