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Webcam Eaters, Eyeball Smoothies, and the Other Edible News You Missed This Week

This week, we uncovered the mysteries of mukbang, ate macarons in Southeast Asia, perfected cooking with weed, and learned that you're making your tea wrong.

The week is finally over, and while it was technically "short" in the US (Presidents' Day, we almost forgot all about you!) there was a lot happening over at MUNCHIES.


The Franks, totally roughin' it (not) in Brazil.

We traveled all around the world with our show hosts, from the French-Swiss absinthe route—which Dominique Rousake explores in search of the real history behind the "Green Fairy"—to the beaches of Brazil in Being Frank. We hit the Great White North for a tutorial in making some seriously bitchin' Cheeto-crusted mac 'n' cheese with Matty Matheson, and swung by Seoul, South Korea for an investigation of this weird little internet phenomenon called mukbang. We even went on a hunt for foie gras everything in Downtown LA with Michael Hung and his team from Faith & Flower. How's that for some serious globetrotting?


Just a cool, refreshing beverage for post-workout or pre-coitus. Or so the Andeans say.

Ditto in the written-word sector, where we hopped from Venezuela—home to the world's weirdest 26-ingredient aphrodisiac energy smoothie of eyeballs, strawberries, and brandy—to Laos, where Noelle Mateer, our very lucky contributor, is eating perfect macarons and chocolate crêpes. Sigh.

But just a few neighborhoods over in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, it turns out that a bunch of wonderfully stinky cheese is aging in underground caves. At least we've got that going in our late-winter wonderland.


Mmm, cave cheese.

This week was also very educational. We discovered that we've been making tea wrong for our entire lives. It was the tea-making revelation heard 'round the world. Game-changing stuff. Earl Grey could not be reached for comment. And on top of that, we found out that Italy did not, in fact, steal the blueprints for its tagliatelle from China's chow fun. In the Weed World, we had two Dutch chefs troubleshoot your most perplexing cooking-with-marijuana queries, so we'll never botch our Chicken Pot-ciattore again.

But hey, Chinese New Year started this week. And when it comes to chicken, it's never going to taste quite as incredible as the kind your mom killed herself for the holiday—or so chef Susur Lee says.

As seems to be the case week over week, food technology is still getting weirder and weirder. Between facial-recognition pancake art and robots that feed you tomatoes while you jog, the future is bright and very bizarre.

Lastly, we handed out some congrats this week to our Fuck, That's Delicious host Action Bronson—who dropped his brand new track "Terry"—and a whole lot of chefs, bartenders, and restaurateurs who were announced as semifinalists for James Beard Foundation awards.

What a week. February, you're almost defeated. Now let's go make some tea—the proper way.