Kick Off Your Weekend with This Dream Brunch Menu from 'The Dinner Bell'


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Kick Off Your Weekend with This Dream Brunch Menu from 'The Dinner Bell'

Whip up this morning-after-friendly feast of homemade bagels, beet-cured salmon, and more from Julia Ziegler-Haynes of 'The Dinner Bell.'

Top o' the morning! It's been a long week, hasn't it? What with all of those junk e-mails and internet commenting wars and nagging phone calls from your mom to go get your teeth cleaned? You owe yourself a little respite. You deserve some carbs and salty fish and day-drinking.

Julia Ziegler-Haynes is on it with her totally stellar brunch menu from The Dinner Bell, devised for the cast and crew of web series High Maintenance. Sure, we love to lay into some lox from Russ & Daughters or some bagels from Black Seed, but nothing compares to a fresh-baked bagel topped with your own beet-cured salmon (and a side of hangover-friendly booze).


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You'll be seeing red in the best way possibly when you try this Beet-Cured Salmon (shown above), seasoned with salt, vodka, and dill. Pass the crème fraîche, please.


And in New York, you know that we love a good bagel—everyone has their go-to spot for an "everything" with scallion cream cheese. But imagine the smell of your kitchen when these homemade bad boys are baking in the oven …


You've got to get your veggies even in the morning, so leave some extra space on your plate for Radicchio and Roasted Beet Salad with Bagna Cauda Dressing (which is also damn pretty). Bagna cauda is made with anchovies, garlic, and red wine—kind of like a Caesar dressing that translates beautifully pre-11 AM.


What brunch is complete without a proper Bloody Mary? Use Julia's recipe to set up a bar for your guests and let them spike theirs themselves for optimal booze balance. We like ours ridiculously spicy and heavily garnished. Get a kebab skewer and load it up with cheese cubes, bacon, pickled green beans, and olives, and then lovingly arrange it in your glass with celery stalks like a vase full of flowers. A boozy, savory, drinkable vase full of flowers.

cardamom cookies

And finally, get cute with some Cardamom Cookies. The best part about these treats is that you can eat them fresh out of the oven, give them to your brunch guests to take home, or just hoard them all for yourself and eat them out of your purse throughout the day.

Mondays can be rough, but hide away from the cold, get in that brunch mindset, and whip up this morning-after-friendly feast of your dreams.

Julia Ziegler-Haynes is the host of The Dinner Bell. Watch more episodes here.