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Young Dolph Premieres His New Video "Whole Lot"

Fun fact: Young Dolph eats grapefruits everday.

If you like rap stuff, including but not limited to: expensive stuff, pretty women, weed, and making it rain, well, Young Dolph has something for you. The King of Memphis comes to us today with his latest video for "Whole Lot," one of the standout tracks off his most recent release, Gelato, which has a good chance of ending up on some Best of the Year lists so far at least. The visual follows a series of releases, including "Meech," "Gelato," and Yo Gotti diss track "Play Wit Yo Bitch," which we'll talk about another time, cause, yeah.


On paper, it sounds like every rap video ever made, but as we all know the game isn't played on paper. Dolph manages to take standard genre tropes and stamp his personality all over them, while using color patterns really well, in a video that's anything but. The result is us being brought through what probably isn't a typical day in his life, but almost certainly a series of events that happens frequently enough.

"So what? I've seen a bunch of models in lingerie dancing in a hotel room in a rap video before."

"I've seen people throwing money off a stage and smoking blunts while haphazardly driving foreign cars."

Sure, but have you seen the way Dolph does it? No? OK, well then shut up. Of the song, Dolph says: "Every baller needs a whole lot of hustle. Along with my Versace snow boots, my other daily essentials are expensive watches (I prefer Rolex,) expensive earrings (at least VS-grade diamonds,) expensive weed (Gelato!) and a whole lot of grapefruit juice (I eat grapefruits every day.)"