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Chaos in prisons, Brexit threatens our GPS, the return of Partridge, and much more.
February 13, 2017, 9:30am

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For Hard Brexit, Turn Right Now
The UK could be shut out of the super-accurate EU GPS system that it helped to build thanks to Brexit. The new GPS was launched in December following 15 years of development, but access to the system is currently restricted to members of the European Union. – Independent

A Terrifying Sentence
Secret filming for the BBC's Panorama has revealed widespread chaos within one of the country's biggest prisons. Drug use, faulty door alarms and a hole in an internal security fence are just some of the problems uncovered in the report. – BBC

Blow Whistle at Own Risk
The government has been accused of launching a "full-frontal attack" on whistleblowers over proposals to radically increase prison sentences for revealing state secrets. The government believes current legislation is outdated in the digital age. – Guardian

The Corbynite Maneouvre
The Labour Party has "plenty" of potential replacements should Jeremy Corbyn stand down as leader. The party's new election coordinator Ian Lavery confirmed that polling had been carried out to assess the popularity of names such as Angela Rayner and Rebecca Long-Bailey. – Independent


Domestic Policy Still Handled By Instagram
The USA's National Security Council is in chaos only three weeks into the Trump Presidency. Council staff members get up in the morning, read Donald Trump's Twitter posts and struggle to make policy to fit them. – New York Times

Hit and Missile
North Korea claims it has successfully completed the launch of a new medium long-range ballistic missile. The launch was confirmed by South Korean and US officials. The missile reportedly travelled 500 kilometres before landing in the Sea of Japan. – CNN

Have They Tried Looking in Toledo
Peru's fugitive former president Alejandro Toledo is thought to be laying low in the US, where efforts to capture him have stalled on legal grounds. Peruvian authorities suspected Toledo would travel from California to Israel, which does not have an extradition treaty with Peru. – Reuters

Germany Gets a New President
Former German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has been elected president by a parliamentary assembly. The highly-popular politician served as foreign minister for two terms under Chancellor Angela Merkel, and has spoken out against Donald Trump and the "politics of fear". – BBC

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Doesn't Look a Day Over a Billion
Researches at MIT have discovered that by examining angrites (an ultra-rare class of meteorites older than the Earth itself) they can finally figure out the age of our solar system, and it's the age we once believed. – Motherboard

Knowing Me, Knowing Soon
Rejoice: Steve Coogan has revealed he is working on a new Alan Partridge television show. "In some ways," says Coogan, "the only person on Earth who's more Alan Partridge than Alan Partridge is Donald Trump." – NME

Prognosis Negative
Because of sexist myths about health and pain, women are often discriminated against by doctors, and have trouble getting accurate diagnoses for serious conditions. – Broadly

Telling a Whopper
When a US man complained on Instagram about the long wait time at Burger King, the fast food chain didn't respond, but his girlfriend did. When she asked who it was he'd taken out for burgers a fight ensued in the comments section. Unless, of course, it was just one massive fake marketing ploy… - Munchies

From Film Awards…
A modern musical, a social realist drama and a heartfelt search for family were the big winners at this year's BAFTAs. La La Land took five awards, including best picture and best director, and I, Daniel Blake was named the year's best British film. – BFI

…To Music Awards
The Grammys appeared to comprise of Adele paying tribute to Beyonce after picking up an award. After winning album of the year, the British singer addressed Beyonce, saying "you are our light" as she teared up on stage. Earlier, when she was picking up song of the year, Adele told Beyonce "I want you to be my mommy." – Variety