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Fat Birds Are Easy Prey: Fulmar Hunting in the Faroe Islands

MUNCHIES goes baby fulmar hunting with local Høgni Mohr, who shows us how the people of the Faroe Islands scoop baby fulmars out of the sea and prepares them—beheading, torching, and all—for eating.

MUNCHIES producers Elise Coker and Ed Ou go baby fulmar hunting with local Høgni Mohr, a writer by profession and a hunter in his spare time, as he catches birds for his family and friends to last throughout the coming year. He shows us, via the fulmar feast, what it means to get a local meal in the Faroe Islands.

In the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic, baby fulmar hunting is an annual August activity. The Faroese depend on seasonal hunting and fishing as a major part of their diet and lifestyle. At the end of each summer, baby fulmar birds fall from their nests in the fjords, where they bob in the water because they are too fat to fly. During the week or so before they manage to lose weight and take off, the Faroese go out in boats to scoop them from the sea and eat them.

Produced by Elise Coker and Ed Ou.

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