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An Imagining of the Characters Drake Could Play on the British TV Series 'Top Boy'

He's reportedly going to star on the drama, which he bought the rights for a few years ago. This could play out in a few ways.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Drake's More Life, by anyone's account, is easily his most ambitious body of work for a number of years. This is primarily because, as a number of critics have noted, it's such a wide-ranging attempt to unify different aspects of the music of the black diaspora.

But it seems that as well as completing an impressive musical and cultural feat, Drake was also secretly auditioning. His use of slang and accents from various countries—especially the Toronto/UK slang with roots in the Caribbean—has been much commented-upon, but suddenly it all makes sense. He was practicing! Because if reports are correct, he's going to be on the new series of London-based drama Top Boy.


Last year, Drake—an enormous fan of the show (who'd have guessed?) – bought the rights to the program after it was cancelled. And now one of its stars, Ashley Walters, says he might well be making an appearance when it eventually airs again. After meeting up with the Champagne Papi himself, Walters told The Mirror, "We met up to start talking about the show and we are working out a role for him. He loves acting, of course he wanted a part. He's going to be really hands on and is getting stuck into it."

But of course he is. "Of course he wanted a part." Of course he wanted a part. Drake, I am sure, has dreamed of this day. But what will his eventual role be? I have thought about it at length, and I have some suggestions (because, well, because obviously):

A Roadman

This pretty much seems in the bag? Drake's behavior and general demeanour tells us that all he has ever wanted in the world is to wear head-to-toe Stone Island, drink Rubicon Mango and link Instagram baddies, and now he's within touching distance.

A Villain, But Not the Major One of the Series

Despite all his protestations and warnings to "watch how you speak" on his "name," it's clear that Drake is a softie at heart. Don't forget, however, that he has acting chops: all those years on Degrassi weren't for nothing! Despite Drake's roadman ambitions, then, an actual logical guess based on his status and the "stunt" nature of his casting might be that he'll show up in a couple of episodes only. I imagine him as a villain of some kind—one who has been written as Canadian, but who Drake later insists is Caribbean so that he can do an accent.

The Owner of a Dry-Cleaning Empire That Ends Up Being a Front for Drugs or Something

I know that this is highly specific but to be honest I probably think about Drake more than you and I am convinced that this is the role that Drake was born for.


This would actually be fully amazing, but if Drake being cast in Top Boy got reduced to a musical performance I would personally take legal action against the entire production.

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