Zolloc’s Latest GIFs Are Endless Color Therapy


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Zolloc’s Latest GIFs Are Endless Color Therapy

The New York-based artist's brightly colored loops are set against monotone color backgrounds.

A longtime master of the seamless loop, Austin-born New York-based animator Zolloc has taken his GIF game to the next level. One vibrant, carefully-selected hue dominates each new work, often with a dramatic bolt of color that highlights the action. Each one is the result of creative problem solving in his ever-evolving animation tool box of of Cinema 4D, Octane, and most recently, Houdini. Over the past few months, he's been adventuring outside of his pastel color palette comfort zone, as well as more complex patterns like hair and plant life. His work now also exists in physical form at Mana Contemporary, where he created a projection mapping installation as part of a group show called Surface, which you can learn more about here.


Zolloc's work taps into our fascination with the uncanny with disembodied limbs and baby clones (well, my fascination with disembodied limbs and baby clones). His new GIFs reflect plenty of dark thoughts, but they're complimented by a branch of meditative and uplifting visuals pulled directly from the artist's daydreams. "I've always added my feelings and emotions into my work," he tells Creators. "It's my way of dealing with things. A lot of it is about depression. My work is my therapy." The result of this process is an invigorating spread of miniature emotional moments, from loneliness and existential dread to companionship and chill vibes.

Check out Zolloc's recent works below:

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