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MIXED BY Proxima

Proxima hits deep with some heavy slabs of bass-weight.
May 21, 2014, 4:50pm

If you wanted proof of whether a dubstep producer was worth his salt or not, you'd just have to check the discographies of now seminal UK labels like Deep Medi, Tectonic or Tempa. True to their legacies, Proxima released his 12" 'Lie Detection'/'Brainstem' on the latter in 2012, and brought the genre's famed, brooding half-step front and centre. In the build up to Contact at Village Underground, London on May 24th - where he will play alongside Youngsta, J:Kenzo and Mumdance - Proxima has put together the latest MIXED BY that jumps head first into a dubstep black hole, with plenty of his own Tempa rib-shakers to keep it grounded.


Tickets for Contact can be picked up here.

Track list:

Proxima – 'Untitled' (dub)

Biome – 'Cromos' (Tempa)

Proxima – 'Nasty' (dub)

Dark Elixir – 'Machines' (Underslung Audio)

Bukez Finest – 'Under Control' (Subway Music)

ARtroniks – 'Shifted' (dub)

Proxima – 'Fallout' (Tempa)

Proxima – 'Trapped' (Tempa)

Genetix – 'Cryostasis' (Deep Tuna)

Truth – '30000 ft' (Deep Medi)

Proxima – 'Fate' (Tempa)

Icicle – 'Acidacid' (dub)

Tony Rocky Horror – 'Modus Operandi' (Deep Tuna)