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Watch Meyhem Lauren Eat Oysters on the Subway in His Brand New Video for 'Flexxin'

We've got the exclusive premiere of Meyhem Lauren's video for 'Flexxin,' which sees him enjoying a four-course meal on NYC's subway system. Plus, we talked to Meyhem about how he pulled off an oyster feast on a moving train, and what he's eating while...
Hilary Pollack
Los Angeles, US

There are some unspoken—or, actually, pretty frequently spoken—rules when it comes to riding New York City's labyrinthine but highly efficient subway system. Most of them go largely ignored, as anyone can attest who has had to dodge flying limbs when "showtime" erupts in the middle of a crowded L train car or bemoaned the inevitable delays that come with some teenagers holding the doors open for their friend who is still jumping the turnstile.


One such rule is that in theory, you're not supposed to be eating or drinking anything while riding… but tell that to the tiny, gray-haired lady next to you eating a bag of dumplings, or the drunken twentysomethings enjoying a late-night slice on the J.

You know what they say: Go big or go home. And if you ask rapper, Fuck, That's Delicious adventurer, and Action Bronson sidekick Meyhem Lauren, that principle applies when eating on the subway, too.

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In his new video for "Flexxin," premiering right here on MUNCHIES, Meyhem enjoys a veritable seafood feast, white tablecloth and all, while in motion on the Big Apple's underground.

Oysters equal luxury, after all, and what's more luxurious than slurping some while your subterranean chariot whisks you across the city? Check out the exclusive premiere of the video below:

Hailing from Queens, New York, Meyhem is a food-lover since birth, and one who especially appreciates the fruits of the sea. (You may remember watching him frolic on the beach while shooting his video for "Badmon Ting" in the Jamaica episode of Fuck, That's Delicious.) We caught up with him while he's out shooting in Italy for season two of FTD—just after hitting Naples to eat pizza, clams, and other crustaceans—to find out why seafood and rap intersect so well for him and his contemporaries.

Tell me a little about the filming of 'Flexxin,' especially the crazy scene of you eating oysters on the subway. It's just the kind of thing I'm into. I'm in to oysters, I'm into salmon; anything out of the ocean is near and dear to my heart. I get a rush doing something you're not supposed to do. You're not supposed to set up a table and eat a meal on the train. But we pulled it off, so it was just cool. It was two things I like: getting a rush, and seafood. And we put it together and put it in the video.


How did you go about filming it? Were you worried about getting busted by the MTA? We got permission from no one. We actually had a bottle of Champagne—you'll see it, the bottle of [Moët & Chandon]—and I actually drank it before we went on the train in case we stopped by the police. I drank it and we filled it up with apple juice, because I didn't want to get an open container ticket if we got caught and things hit the fan. I think it enhanced my performance, too.

Smart move. Were the other people in the car in the scene random bystanders? Random. We started at the last stop and people just kept getting on at each stop. I didn't know any of them but they seemed to love it. They had never seen that before. You might see people breakdancing or begging for change on the train, but you've never seen a man eating a four-course meal.

What have you been eating while filming for the next season of Fuck, That's Delicious? Yesterday I had some spiny lobster that was prepared with potatoes, olive oil, and lemon butter. It was chopped up and kind of reconstructed—some of the best lobster I've ever had in my life. We had fresh clams and fresh oysters today, straight out of the water. I'm living. I'm enjoying myself. Shoutout to Italy; they're holding it down.

Why did you title your new album Piatto d'Oro ("plate of gold")? It's basically an analogy comparing my music to a beautiful golden plate of food—in this case, seafood. My album's like a flawless meal. I've always had food incorporated into my music, so it makes sense that I ended up becoming a part of Fuck, That's Delicious, and that's taken off. But I've always been into food. On the cover of my first project, I'm eating. I don't do drugs, I don't drink too much, I like food. Shoutout to food.

Meyhem Lauren's new mixtape Piatto d'Oro—which features 14 "high-octane-tales of fine silks, lobster dinners, and wilding out as only Laurenovitch can"—is available for free download on Food's Gold.