How to Majorly Upgrade Your Green Bean Casserole (It's Easy)
Photo by Farideh Sadeghin


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How to Majorly Upgrade Your Green Bean Casserole (It's Easy)

This easy recipe brings the rich flavors of chanterelles, smoked gouda, and fried shallots into your classic green bean casserole.

One of the things we love about green bean casserole is how unpretentious it is. Pretty much all of the components come out of a can, but it somehow tastes like a million bucks.

Leave it to chef Naomi Pomeroy to take it to the next level; after all, she did teach us how to upgrade our turkey via a spiced cognac brine and truffle butter.

This is a fancy, updated version of a classic green bean casserole, with gorgeous chanterelles instead of cream of mushroom soup, and crispy shallots instead of fried onions. Hell yeah.

RECIPE: Green Bean Casserole with Smoked Gouda and Fried Shallots

It's not fussy, and still requires only 20 minutes of prep. But once you've put smoked gouda and fried shallots in your green bean casserole, trust us—you're never going to want to go back.