Here's Every Best Picture Nominee as an Animated Illustration | GIF Six-Pack


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Here's Every Best Picture Nominee as an Animated Illustration | GIF Six-Pack

While we anxiously await the 89th Academy Awards, enjoy Juppi Juppsen's animated interpretations of the Best Picture nominees.

Yes, Moonlight could win Best Picture at the Oscars this Sunday, with La La Land in the running, it's anybody's guess.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, here's your chance to tear your attention away from the Hollywood PR machine for a moment, while still being part of to the cultural conversation. Support the indie animation scene this weekend by checking out the Oscar-inspired loops Juppi Juppsen put together for Brooklyn-based animation studio Cartuna.


Each of his animations turns out to be a perfect reaction GIF. Use La La Land for celebration,  Hidden Figures for girl power, Fences for unbridled anger, and Moonlight for "Aww yeah, today's gonna be a good day." When your favorite film of 2016 loses on Sunday, feel free to drop a tearful Manchester by the Sea.

Animating in Adobe Illustrator, AfterEffects, and Photoshop, Juppsen creates a moment that captures the essence of each Best Picture nom as told by Juppsen. "Most of these GIFs aren't actual scenes from the films," he explains. "Some are first thoughts I got thinking about the movie, some contain a bit of a statement, like the Hidden Figures piece, and for Hell or High Water I just wanted to draw Jeff Bridges spitting out, cowboy style."

Check out Juppsen's impressionistic interpretations of the films below—and if you're curious which subject of his creations actually deserves the statue, he says, "Hidden Figures or Moonlight would be a good choice, because this would go beyond the actual film and send a message against the white and male dominated Hollywood… I just hope La La Land doesn't get it, because it's overrated, and it's the one movie out of the selection that isn't deep."


La La Land


Hidden Figures


Hell or High Water


Hacksaw Ridge

See more of Juppi Juppsen's work on his website, and follow Cartuna )here. See more Oscars GIFs on GIPHY.


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