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Watching These Google Homes Argue Is Better Than 'Westworld'

Two robots are bumbling toward sentience live on Twitch right now and trading sick burns in the process.

It's 2017, which means there are plenty of personal assistant-style robots that will cling to your every syllable. If you were one of the seemingly endless string of people who pulled an Echo Dot out of your stocking last holiday season, you have already learned the hard truth that, while Alexa can do a variety of wonderful things like sing and tell you the weather, she's also pretty dumb—just ask her to pronounce Ty Dolla $ign.


But Google's own talking robotic cylinder, the Google Home, is the smartest of the bunch—capable of holding reasonably coherent conversation and firing off follow-up questions like a kid who just read How to Win Friends and Influence People. It's a wonderful and vaguely terrifying machine, and would probably lap Alexa in a race to the singularity.

On Friday, some genius decided to pit two Google Homes against each other, get them started on a conversation, and stream the whole thing for our viewing pleasure on Twitch. Now, tens of thousands of people are watching the confused bots bumble toward sentience live, and you can too.

The two Google Homes seem vaguely frustrated with each other, periodically resorting to trading sick burns, like when one asked to hear a joke and the other said, "You are a joke." The whole thing is like Westworld if Westworld wasn't so purposefully confounding and dumb, and watching some robots argue is a great way to blow through a Friday afternoon at work. Tune in below.